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Sistemas en Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires-GBA

  • Categoría: Informática / Telecomunicaciones
  • Subcategoría Sistemas
  • Localidad: Lomas de Zamora
  • Activo desde: 12/09/2019 - 10:01:23 am
  • Jornada: Contrato por tiempo indeterminado
  • Tipo de Contrato: Jornada completa
  • Cantidad de Vacantes: 1
  • Educación Mínima: Terciario
  • Años de Experiencia: 6
  • Idiomas: Inglés
  • Disponibilidad de viajar: No
  • Disponibilidad de cambio de residencia: No

We?re looking for a Full Stack Developer with 6+ years of experience in similar roles that can jump on board full-time.

You will be a member of a team working together in a fast-paced and agile environment to deliver commercial-grade software, using programming languages and technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, Machine Learning, data pipelines, SQL and NoSQL databases.

· Bachelor?s degree in computer science or a related field
· Demonstrated experience developing production-grade software applications
· Knowledge and experience in handling non-functional aspects like performance, scalability, maintainability, reusability, debugging, logging, etc.
· Understanding of Git, pull requests, automated build and deployment tools, CI/CD processes
· Comfortable in an Agile Environment
· Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
· Strong passion for software craftsmanship
· Experience with cloud development

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Localizada en Buenos Aires-GBA, Lomas de Zamora.
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