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Engineer or engineering student

Skills: Deep knowledge of network architecture, Internet, and communication protocols, with a minimum of two years of experience. Management of oral and written English, knowledge of diagnostic tools (such as wireshark) and communication.

Main Activities:
- Customer assistance in the operation and maintenance of the system, knowledge transfer, support for integration with OSS of different operators.
- Review of Alarms and application for initial troubleshooting on network elements.
- Evaluation and scaling of events according to their criticality.
- Review of the health of the network elements, monitor issues until their solution.
- Assistance in the activities of node configuration, engineering and expansion of the platform.
- Generate reports previously agreed with customer.
- Collect and analyze fault statistics and make recommendations.
- Consulting Services: Do monitoring and performance analysis of the FTTH Network
- Planning of the FTTH Network
- Preparation of Network Planning and Engineering Processes and Procedures.
- Knowledge Transfer about planning and engineering technology and procedures through Worskshops, on-the-job training, etc.
- Be the technical interface with engineers from other companies.

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